Quit Smoking

I remember the initial excitement the first 5 days after we met and thought it amazing I had absolutely no desire for a cigarette. I kept the unopened packs of cigarettes, for weeks, it made me feel stronger to have them in the house and have the confidence not to want them. It is now 1 year since I have had a cigarette and I finally threw the unopened packs away. I still think of smoking, so it’s not that I have forgotten, just don’t have a desire to light up. I like to think I did not quit smoking, instead I chose to be a non-smoker in our session. People ask me all the time if it’s a miracle cure. I think it was a combination of my strong desire and decision to be a non-smoker and your assistance in helping me reach deep inside for the strength to reach that goal.

Thank you!
Denise B.

Bad Habit Gone

I had a bad habit, one that went on for well over 10 years. I tried every kind of self-help technique I could think of to break my habit. Nothing worked. I first heard of Mary's services at a health fair I attended. While I was convinced that I could not be hypnotized, I figured giving it a try couldn't hurt. Mary helped me to feel very relaxed, very at ease and comfortable in the surroundings of her office. She explained to me the various levels of hypnosis that are available and why she uses the one she does. My session lasted over one hour. I recall the entire exchange that occurred during my session and I find this very refreshing. The best news of all though is that years later, I am no longer plagued by my habit.

Since that time, I have referred several of my patients and friends for issues such as weight loss, smoking cessation and eating disorders. Mary's hypnotherapeutic techniques are tried and true. What a wonderful gift she has to offer to those in need.

Dr. Kris T.

Relief from Restless Leg Syndrome - in ONE session

I have been suffering for three years. I could not sleep at night and my legs dictated my life. After just one session, I had so much relief I could hardly believe it. I can actually sleep without pacing the floors half the night. I found the whole session very gentle and serene. I felt very peaceful after the experience was over.

Helen A.

Relief from Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Agoraphobia

I don’t even know if I can put all my appreciation and love for you into words-you have been one of my largest supporters through these trying times in my life. Our connection I feel is very special and rare. When I first met you, I had not left my house in over 18 months. Through your guidance and hypnotherapy, I now have found my inner sense of strength, confidence and safety, I leave the house and drive myself all over town now and even have taken multiple trips to Virginia Beach & Alabama with my Mom. I don’t think I have ever trusted someone so much in my whole life, as I do you. I am so glad I found you in the phone book! Even though we have a therapist/client relationship I will always consider you a dear friend.

Elizabeth M.

Compulsive cheek biting, referred by friends

Thank you for not belittling my dire need to stop biting my cheeks. It was very important to me. Your therapy was a huge success for me and I have told many about you. You have touched many of my friends and colleagues. You have a wonderful skill that you share.

Alison H.

"Thank you again so much for your process tonight! You effectively had my "Thinker" off to the side observing, and I remember the part of me having the experience, often felt that your words resonated well, you guided me to several useful new perspectives, and I felt that you validated all of my responses. My overall impression is that you are very skillful and very powerful, and I’m already identifying new behaviors to follow thru on my experience."

Tony M.

Needle phobia

Surgery went fine. It was the most amazing feeling and I can’t thank you enough for helping me to achieve that. The whole experience was great and you can count on my referrals.

Alison M.

Relief from Panic Attacks, Anxiety, Agoraphobia

I wanted to thank you for taking so much time to listen to me and help me look inside myself. Getting to know myself and why I do what I do, is going to be a journey I'm looking forward to. I appreciate your wisdom and patience! Thank you for making me feel so comfortable. You didn't judge me or make me feel foolish for saying what was in my heart. Thanks also for the notes on my session. I believe they can give me insight and help me - accept the things I can't change, change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Thanks again. Peace and best wishes with your business.

Carla B.

I came to Mary Kacaba with depression, anxiety and an alcohol abuse problem. I labeled myself an alcoholic for 7 years. My drinking increased when a close family member was killed in a tragic accident. I tried AA, traditional therapy, read numerous self-help books, started going to church, and attended faith based recovery groups. All of these methods, as I experienced them, relieved my alcoholism for brief periods of time. Nothing relieved my obsession to drink, so I would always go back to drinking.

I decided to try hypnotherapy after much prayer and a desperate attempt to reclaim my life. I was skeptical, but my desire to be well was stronger than my skepticism. After one hypnotherapy session I have been sober for 5 months. I have NEVER before been sober for 5 months since I began drinking at the age of 18.

Mary Kacaba helped me identify a core negative belief that plagued my life even before I started drinking. Since that belief was wiped away, the dormant life-giving beliefs inside me were revealed. I remain sober through great times and tough times. Mary Kacaba helped me find the tools within to live a completely sober, joyful life. I thank God for Mary Kacaba. My life has never been better.

Sincerely, Lauren W.

"I have been working with Mary for almost a year and I continue to be amazed with my progression. My relationship with myself has deepened, along with my sense of place in this world. I began hypnotherapy with a specific goal in mind along with a very tender heart. Mary has been nurturing and supportive while helping me explore challenging questions and seek honest answers. I highly recommend Mary as a hypnotherapist. She is an excellent resource for overcoming difficulties and achieving positive life transformations.

Carrie D.