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As a Hypnotherapist in Cincinnati, I offer a variety of session packages for the added savings and convenience of my clients. Choose from in-person sessions in my office, VIRTUAL ONLINE SESSIONS, and phone sessions available for those at home or living outside of the greater Cincinnati area.

My practice of hypnotherapy has helped people deal with issues which include but are not limited to:

Smoking Cessation

Most smokers suffer from a virtually uncontrollable urge to smoke, despite a desire to quit. Most of my clients have tried numerous tactics, repeatedly and unsuccessfully, to become non-smokers. My approach with hypnotherapy is different because I can help you to connect with your future, non-smoking self. Through hypnosis, the wisdom in your subconscious mind will reveal a new healthy ritual that can guide you toward a similar experience of soothing comfort. You can re-learn how to meet your core needs in a healthier, more joyful manner. Of my clients who have tried to stop smoking with hypnotherapy, 87% were cured during their first session. Medication on average delivers only a 33% success rate. Are you ready to experience the freedom you deserve? Call today!

After 29 years in business, each passing year, Mary increases her effectiveness in helping her clients become non-smokers. Recently, 43 clients which Mary has helped become non-smokers, are still smoke-free, 6 months after their hypnotherapy session. Mary is the leading hypnotherapist in Cincinnati to stop smoking.

Here are Mary's latest statistics:

83% of Mary's clients quit smoking as a result of 1 session.
8% of Mary's clients quit smoking in the 2nd session.
74% of Mary's clients are still non-smokers, 6 months after experiencing hypnotherapy.

Mary saw 51 clients for hypnotherapy to quit smoking. She followed up with them days after their session and again 6 months after their quitting smoking session and:

43 clients were still smoke-free
x $10 per day (2 packs of cigarettes @ $5 per pack)
= $1,830. $avings each client realized in 6 months.
Collectively clients $aved a total of $78,600.

Weight Loss

You may not know why you are carrying excess weight. You may be suffering from anger, sadness, loneliness, or an inability to express creativity in your life. Through hypnosis, I can assist you to identify the driving forces behind the weight you are carrying. Then, in a gentle but powerful way, I will help you to nurture yourself with new behaviors and beliefs instead of using food to try to meet needs that are going unaddressed. Because of this internal shift, my clients find this process very comforting and rewarding. They report attaining their desired weight and keeping the weight off easily. Depending on the amount of weight loss desired, three sessions or more may be necessary. Clients report their weight loss at each session and continue to deepen the process that has brought them clarity and healing.

Anxiety Relief

Anxiety is your body calling out for help. With hypnosis, I can help you to identify your deepest unmet needs. Then I can connect you with your own internal resources to meet those needs. Yes, believe it or not, you already have the resources within you! Through this profound work you will begin to be able to relax and trust while finding an inner calm. The new tools gained through hypnosis will equip you to handle life’s stresses with greater self assurance and peace.


Depression is a result of internal and external forces depressing your own inner knowing. It can also be a result of anger turned inward. Together we can unlock the creative power you have been hiding from yourself, perhaps for years, which will allow you to heal and come alive again. Hypnosis can also help you to find healthy ways of addressing and dissipating your anger. As you tap into your own inner resources, you will begin to experience genuine joy and feel alive again.

Pain Management

Pain is a signal that your body is not getting its needs met. Through hypnosis, I can guide you through a process of relaxing and listening to your body in order to find and acknowledge those needs. You will have an opportunity to allow your mind-body to realign itself, relieving trauma, both past and present. Using the power of your inner mind, you will be able to integrate effective methods of pain control that you can use every day. It is even possible to discover and clear the underlying causes of disease in the subconscious mind and then experience complete healing of chronic pain, injury, illness, or allergies. These techniques can be a powerful adjunct to medical treatment and obviously, there are no negative side-effects!

Somatic Healing is a new dimension in adjunctive therapy for recovery from automobile injuries, repetitive strain injuries, surgical procedures, allergies, and/or chronic pain and illness. This intensive hypnotherapy technique is effective both for self-healing and learning to help others heal themselves with the latest in hypnosis technology. Somatic Healing utilizes hypnotic movement, massage, hands-on energy channeling, and accessing the Inner Healer. I facilitate Somatic Healing with my clients in one-on-one sessions and I am also certified to teach it as a course. The course is intended for body workers, hypnotherapists, energy healers, physicians, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, and anyone else interested in body/mind healing for themselves and others. More information available upon request.

Phobias, Fears

Are you plagued by irrational fears? Do you have internal thought processes that keep you afraid of situations or people who are really not threats? Using hypnosis, I can help you to go back to the core memories which created a phobic response and change those memories. In working with your subconscious in this way, fears can be cured quickly and even easily, opening up a life of comfort and connection.


Do you live in a messy environment that you feel too powerless to get under control? Hypnosis is able to assist you in organizing and pleasurably dealing with your cluttered thoughts, feelings and physical belongings. Your outer environment is usually a reflection of your inner environment. I can help you to clear trauma and/or any events from the past or present that are at the root cause of your disorganization. You may have been criticized by your parents for being a slob or you may have been compared to another sibling, etc., resulting in resistance and other subconscious behaviors that get in the way of maintaining order and peace in your life. Help is on the way! I have personal experience with this challenge and will guide you through your own transformation, where you can easily maintain an orderly and clutter-free personal space.


Usually at the root of motivation and creativity is the core belief that “I can do it.” Through hypnosis, I will help you to assess whether this belief is present and operating in your life, and if not, how to resurrect it. If you’re not motivated to start or complete a task, pursue a project or express a desired outcome in your life, you may not be connected to your own self-worth. You also may not be able to see the desired outcome as a true possibility for yourself. If you feel uninspired or lack creativity, it can mean that you have not been willing to express yourself freely in some area of your life. Hypnosis can help you embrace your strengths, strengthen your weaknesses, and propel you forward by helping you to resolve these types of inner roadblocks.

Self-confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. Doubting yourself is no fun. Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact in your life. Others perceive you, too, and giving off a good vibe is helpful in creating what you want.

Many of the factors affecting self confidence are in your control. You can dress well, hold your posture just so, and with hypnotherapy you can inquire within! An inner inquiry facilitates getting in touch with your genuine sense of goodness and self-worth, and then life becomes more fulfilling. Hypnotherapy helps you tame any fear and fuels your desire to share your gifts and talents. Feeling true self-love and having gratitude for life are part of what I can help you realize! Much like reprogramming a computer system, I can help you reprogram your beliefs to experience motivation and creativity.

Career Clarity

Loving what you do is an empowering feeling! If you don't quite know what to do to attain that clarity, I can help. I can guide you through a gentle process to contact your inner-knowing for the guidance you are seeking. If you are going through a transition such as a job change, layoff, downsizing, firing, or any other sort of major life change, and you feel lost, I can help you help yourself. Sometimes we become blocked or discouraged and lose sight of our natural abilities. If you have been belittled, abused (misused), harshly judged, etc., you may benefit from hypnotherapy. If you are unclear about what inspires you or hungry to get out of a current situation, hypnotherapy gleans a meaningful answer.

Stress Management

Being stressed out is a common problem in our world today. Hypnosis helps you access the innate peace within you. If you genuinely feel like you don’t have any conscious awareness of an authentic sense of peace within, hypnosis can help you find it, either by resurrecting it, tapping into it and/or even rescuing your peace that may have been altered by a significant emotional event.

Our bodies function optimally when we are able to manage the natural level of stress it takes to efficiently and effectively get things done. By freeing the body of excess stress, which can be lodged in our cells creating pain and illness, we are happier and more fulfilled.


Forgiveness can be the most challenging to achieve and absolutely the most rewarding experience of a lifetime. I will use hypnosis to take you to the unfinished business that is fueling the lack of forgiveness in your life, and facilitate resolution at a core, soul level. It is an empowering experience to see the judgments you’ve held in your mind and body become freed. Sometimes sessions with my clients include making peace with the past, rescinding contracts you have made with others, or bringing a new, enlightened perspective to the issue, which allows it to resolve organically.

Athletic Performance

Thousands of Olympic athletes, performing artists, salesmen, and business executives have used hypnosis (often called guided imagery) to increase their performance. Using hypnotherapy, I can guide you to visualize every muscle of your body achieving your goal through a mental rehearsal of every step of your performance.

You will learn how to easily access the zone, that state which sportsmen, salesmen, and others define as effortlessly moving in total alignment with the ideal level of performance. By helping you to access the enormous powers of the subconscious mind, I am also able to assist in resolving emotional blocks and negative core beliefs that might be causing you to sabotage your own success.

Letting Go With Ease

So many situations in our society encourage us to “hold on tightly” to what we have. Concern about not having enough or even feeling like you are not enough can cause you to hoard and be in denial of the reality of what exists around you. Maybe you’re not managing money effectively. Maybe you need to let go of a relationship that isn’t serving you. Maybe you need help moving through the natural process of grieving over a loved one that has passed away.

When you are unable to healthfully move forward from these situations, you may feel stifled, begin stockpiling stuff for future use, or have a “save-it-for-a-rainy-day” limiting belief system, all of which can create an energetic heaviness inside of you. Fear, illness, depression, and anxiety may also be present if your difficulty letting go is too the extreme. Whatever the challenge is, hypnotherapy can help you to let go and experience your goodness.

Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression (PLR) is a highly controversial subject in the field of therapy. In one camp are often-fanatical detractors, who regard PLR as a method used by unscrupulous amateurs to rob and deceive the gullible masses. On the other hand, the "true believers" of PLR have written volumes of data about the subject, in an effort to prove both the existence of past lives and the necessity of clearing past life memories from the subconscious mind.

There is much I can help you realize in a PLR session. Whether it's discovering your past life gifts and abilities and bringing them forward into this life, clearing past life trauma which may be causing discord presently, or clearing past life karma and contracts, there's great benefit in experiencing a PLR session. It's not just an interesting visit into the past for entertainment— it’s also a resource to enhance your present life.

Public Speaking

One of modern society’s most common anxieties exists around public speaking. The technological development of the past quarter-century has driven human discourse further and further into the realm of writing. It has produced generations of people who, though they might be well-equipped for the written word, deal with crippling anxiety when it comes time to speak in front of a group of people. Using hypnotherapy, I can help you find your public speaking voice. We will work together to develop deep, fundamental cognitive coping methods that will allow you to speak in front of any audience with little to no anxiety.

Hypnotherapy is unique in its wide applicability to a variety of personal issues.

My name is Mary Kacaba, as a Hypnotherapist in Cincinnati at Resources Within, we will work together to determine the focus and range of your hypnotherapy treatment.

Hypnotherapist Cincinnati

The Process

When you come to Resources Within, you will be greeted in a safe, serene environment. My sessions are three hours each. This allows for a more thorough and personalized “deep dive” session than is available with most hypnotherapists in Cincinnati. It ensures you will have plenty of opportunities for in-depth conversation about your wants, needs and obstacles.

Before your first appointment, I will ask you to fill out a three-page information sheet and bring it in. This will help us get a general idea of the issues we are trying to rectify, and as we converse, we will hone in on more specific elements. I will explain the hypnotherapy process, dispel some of the myths around it, and answer any questions or concerns you may have before we begin.

After the session, we will have a bit of additional conversation for the sake of closure. At this time, we will discuss the experience and brainstorm suggestions on how to implement the lessons from this session into your day-to-day life.

Still not sure if this method of treatment is right for you? Contact me today for a free 20-minute hypnotherapy consultation! Together, we can determine if hypnotherapy is the appropriate path forward for you.

The Validity and Usefulness of Hypnotherapy

Many health organizations support the use of hypnosis in treating a range of disorders.  The American Medical Association (AMA), the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and the British Medical Association (BMA) all recognize hypnosis as a viable therapeutic tool.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) issued a consensus statement noting the scientific evidence in favor of the use of hypnotherapy for chronic pain, particularly pain associated with cancer.  In the January 2005 issue of Pediatrics, the Stanford University School of Medicine reported that hypnotherapy reduces pain and stress during medical procedures in children.

“Skeptic or believer, there’s no denying that hypnotherapy plays an important role in modern medicine.  All hypnosis is self-hypnosis”, says Dr. Judith L. Allen, PhD, founder of the American Psychotherapy and Medical Hypnosis Association (APMHA).  The therapist is only acting as a guide, assisting the client in the use of relation, concentration and imagination.

Hypnotherapist Cincinnati

The History of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a very ancient technology for controlling the human body and mind.  The original hypnotists, or shamans, were the psychologists and doctors of the ancient world.  Shamanism is at the root of all the major religions, but has been largely supplanted in the West, first by Christianity and later by science.  Today the value of shamanic practices and the accuracy of the shamans worldview are receiving increasing support from modern scientific research in the field of physics and psychoneuroimmunology.  Shamanic practices include drumming, dancing, music, fasting, psychoactive drugs, ordeal, religious faith, and contacts with the spirit world.


Dr. Anton Mesmer, in 1788, discovered animal magnetism (an early form of psychic energy) and developed mesmeric passes (a form of psychic healing).  Mesmer was discredited by the medical community despite his numerous successes.

Dr. James Braid gave us the words hypnotism and suggestion, and developed the eye fixation technique.  He was also discredited despite the effectiveness of his treatments.

Dr. J. Esdaile performed over 300 major operations in India using hypnotic anesthesia.  He found that by using hypnosis, the mortality rate dropped from 40% to 6%.  He returned to England and was (of course) discredited.

Dave Elman developed and tested rapid scientific techniques for hypnotic anesthesia, physiological control and the production of a coma state.

Dr. David Cheek is a modern expert on clinical hypnotherapy.

The AMA formally recognized the value of hypnosis in 1958 and began a series of unsuccessful efforts to control the practice of hypnosis.  Through the success and efforts of many hypnotists, the field of hypnosis is becoming more accepted and mainstream today.

AARP is addressing the validity of the use of hypnosis in its January/February 2009 edition of its Bulletin: HYPNOTIC HELP: The global financial meltdown is driving more and more Americans to enlist the aid of professional hypnotists, according to National Guild of Hypnotists president Dwight F. Damon.  Calming tones or music are typically used to ease clients into what hypnotists call a wakeful state of focused attention, followed by a pattern of suggestions designed to achieve a desired behavioral results.  People are also turning to hypnosis to extricate themselves from debt by curbing their spending habits, Damon says.


Dr. Sigmund Freud developed the theory of the importance of childhood trauma in adult behavior and the theory of the subconscious mind containing primitive sexual drives (the id).  He failed to take full advantage of hypnosis because of his inability to produce consistent results.

Dr. Carl Jung developed the theory of the collective unconscious containing the seeds of universal truth (archetypes) and the theory of complexes.  He encouraged clients to use active imagination of relive incidents to clear trauma and to contact their inner guides.  He explored Alchemy, Astrology, I Ching, and world religions.  It is curious that Jung is rejected by the AMA as a mystic while Freud is accepted as the founder of the science of psychoanalysis.

Wilhelm Reich, founder of emotional release therapy, source of bioenergetics, breathwork, deep tissue bodywork, releasing trapped emotions from the body and eliminates character armor.

Dr. Milton Erickson pioneered the use of verbal and nonverbal pacing, indirect suggestion, and other techniques to bypass the conscious mind.  He was the founder of Ericksonian Hypnosis and accomplished a great deal toward the acceptance of hypnosis by the medical and psychiatric community.

Gil Boyne is the legal champion of the free and open practice of hypnosis and is a pioneer in developing hypnotherapy training programs.  He founded the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners (ACHE) in 1981 and is the current president.  He pioneered the integration of hypnosis with Gestalt techniques and subpersonality work.  ACHE has certified more than 9,000 hypnotherapists.

Bandler & Grinder systematized Erickson techniques into an easily learned collection of tools Neurolinguistic Programming, or NLP, and pioneered the use of silent process.

David Quigley is the founder and Director of Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis and has created an easily-learned group of techniques utilizing inner guides for rapid transformation of consciousness based on the teachings of Carl Jung.  This system is called Alchemical Hypnotherapy.  This is the form of hypnotherapy in which Mary has been trained.

Mary Kacaba has been successfully facilitating hypnotherapy clients for more than 29 years.  As a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist she has attained the highest level of training in her field!  A Cincinnati native, she completed her hypnotherapy training at the Alchemy Institute of Hypnosis in Santa Rosa, California in 1993.  www.AlchemyInstitute.com  As a hypnotherapist in Cincinnati, Mary is a member in highest standing of the National Guild of Hypnotists and operates her business, Resources Within, LLC, in Montgomery, a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio.  She also has continued her educational training in some specialty areas including: Clearing the Underlying Causes of Disease, Forgiveness, Recovery from Addictions and Sexual Abuse, Religious Deprogramming, Etheric Plane Communication, Conference Room/Parts Therapy, Somatic Healing for Pain Relief, Past Life Regression, in addition to many others.  She is also trained as a Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Crisis Center telephone counselor.