Frequently Asked Questions

I offer a variety of session packages for the added savings and convenience of my clients. Choose from in-person sessions in my office, VIRTUAL ONLINE SESSIONS, and phone sessions available for those at home or living outside of the greater Cincinnati area.

My practice of hypnotherapy has helped people deal with issues which include but are not limited to:

What Is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnosis helps a person achieve a focused state of mind through encouraging the rational, critical mind to temporarily relax. This creates an opportunity to communicate deeply and directly with the Subconscious Mind, which is the storehouse of all experiences. The inner resources of the subconscious mind have within itself access to both the cause and the cure of any imbalance in our life.

Your subconscious mind is the control center deep within your brain that directs everything you do, like the software in your computer. It doesn’t think or evaluate; that is the job of your Conscious Mind which stands guard to allow only what it wants to happen, like the input from your keyboard. Therefore, if we wish to change behavior or thought patterns and consequently the results which show up in our actions and bodily functions, we must put the Conscious Mind “to sleep” and talk directly to the Subconscious Mind.

Hypnosis, therefore, has been referred to as a “trance-like state.” Each of us goes through this state at least twice daily: as we go to sleep, and as we awaken.

Modern hypnotherapy protocols have shown that a “light-trance” state is preferable to a “deep-trance” when dealing with therapeutic issues. While you are in this light-trance, you are more suggestible and willing to accept new information, without the “sentinel Conscious Mind” checking all incoming communications.

We can then make positive suggestions, which you will store in your mind, basically reprogramming it to accept or reject certain beliefs or patterns of behavior. The desire of the subconscious is so strong that it will always override a conscious desire.

Hypnotherapy can be very effective for addressing addictions, anxiety, phobias, traumas, habitual behavior, trauma, grief and loss, depression, sleep disorders, pain, building self-confidence, preparation for medical and dental procedures, stress-related conditions and many more applications.

This interaction of Mind/Body can be demonstrated when, during a hypnotic trance, breathing, heart rate and metabolism can be slowed, allergic reactions stopped, and pain reduced. Every thought you have shows itself as some physical change in the body and emotions. This is why physical or emotional problems can leave such pronounced mental scars.

So hypnotherapy can work for you if you truly have a desire and willingness for positive change.

What Are The Benefits of Hypnotherapy?


Hypnosis has many applications in a therapeutic setting. Among them are:

  • Habit Control (quit smoking, lose weight)
  • Experience Forgiveness
  • Sleep Disorders and Disturbances
  • Disorganization, Difficulty Letting Go
  • Depression
  • Post-trauma Relief
  • Psychosomatic Complaints
  • Stress Management
  • Pain Management
  • Enhancing Athletic Performance
  • Public Speaking with Ease
  • Help with Life Transitions
  • Building Self Confidence
  • Removing Blocks to Motivation and Creativity
  • Preparation for Medical/Dental Procedures
  • Managing Grief and Loss
  • Restless Leg Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Past Life Regression
  • And many more Applications . . .

How long is a hypnotherapy session?

Each session is a minimum of 1-1/2 hours and most often up to 3 hours in length, based upon the individual needs of each unique client. All sessions allow for a personalized, thorough and meaningful experience. Prior to your session, each initial session includes a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation. Customized, multiple-session packages are also available and a popular choice for your desired results.

I also offer a 50 minute, in-person, initial interview to learn how hypnotherapy can help your specific needs. Adult clients investigating hypnotherapy as a care option for themselves and a parent seeking hypnotherapy for a child, often utilize this option.

Typically, a new client will decide to work with me after experiencing the complimentary phone consultation, then choose to schedule a session and be pleased with the results of their individualized hypnotherapy session.

How much will the hypnotherapy session(s) cost and what methods of payment are available?

Hypnotherapy Session fees range from $200 to $365. Adults, adolescents and children are seen from 3-hour sessions to 1-1/2 hour sessions. Each new client is offered a complimentary 20 minute phone consultation. Customized, multiple-session packages are available at a significant discount. I accept cash, checks, credit cards, Health Savings Account cards, Venmo, and Zelle.

How many Hypnotherapy Sessions will be needed?

Each individual, their personal needs, desires and situation is unique. It is my intention to guide clients through the most efficient and effective hypnotic process. Following the initial session, personalized packages of sessions ranging from 3 to 6 or more sessions are available. I bring over 27 years of experience and extensive training in hypnosis technology, giving my clients the maximum help that hypnosis therapy can provide. By addressing the underlying cause of the discord, outstanding results are achieved, in the fewest number of sessions.

What is the age range of my clients?

I offer one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions to adults, adolescents and children as young as 7 years old.

Where do I facilitate sessions?

Hypnotherapy sessions are offered in-person, in my Cincinnati, Ohio office, in addition to online/virtually and over the telephone; locally and to clients all over the country.

Will insurance cover the session?

Some insurance plans which cover hypnotherapy services, may do so as long as it is to address a diagnosed medical condition. Typically hypnotherapy sessions are not covered under most insurance plans. However many flexible health spending accounts, (HSA’s), recognize hypnotherapy as a service eligible for reimbursement. Clients may contact their insurance company or HSA provider to see if hypnotherapy is covered. Following a hypnotherapy session, I can provide clients with a receipt they can submit to their insurance company to determine if they’ll reimburse for services.

Do I have specific office hours?

I see patients, by appointment only, Monday through Saturday, 9am-9pm and Sunday, 2pm-7pm.

What will happen during the session?

During the session I will speak openly with my client in a focused way to determine their current belief system, practices, behaviors, feelings and desires for the session. As a continuation of the complimentary 20-minute phone consultation, I will help ascertain each clients’ conscious understanding of their current challenge and facilitate a hypnotic process to meet their needs. This conversation takes place during the first ½ hour to 45 minutes of the session; the remaining time within the session is devoted to hypnosis.

How does the client know if they can be hypnotized?

Most people can be hypnotized. There are some people that have experienced resistance or were not able to be hypnotized by other professionals, prior to visiting with me. I have great expertise in ensuring safety, building rapport and gaining trust with each client. My clients will be guided into a state of relaxation which accesses the power of their subconscious mind. This feels as though they are communing with their own inner-knowing. Positive changes happen when entering a relaxed state. It is in this relaxed state resistance will drop and facilitate entering a receptive state of consciousness for authentic, positive change to occur.

How does it feel to be hypnotized?

Being hypnotized is a wonderful, relaxed feeling. I am very skillful in facilitating each unique client into a light-to-medium trance. A light-to-medium trance is proven to be more therapeutically beneficial than a deep trance. In a light-to-medium trance the client will remember everything that transpires during the session. They may feel as though they have one foot in the office and one in their inner world, subconscious mind. I facilitate a hypnosis experience that guides my clients to a safe place within their mind to resolve challenges or issues. Many clients speak of the valuable meaning; how the session was very profound and effectively addressed their reason for scheduling the session. My goal is to support each client in feeling comfortable so they’re able to go into an alert trance. Being in an alert trance allows the client to maintain a gentle sense of control while remembering everything that transpired in their session. Thus, they’re able to integrate their positive shifts and changes from the session into their life!

Is there a guarantee?

As an experienced professional, I do my best to listen closely and ask questions to prequalify each client prior to their hypnotherapy session to determine whether my services are right for them. Doing so will assure the client that I will work closely with them to achieve their goals in the fewest number of sessions. Although results are not guaranteed, clients typically feel significant improvement after the first session and deeply meaningful results within 2 sessions. I am proud and humbled by my excellent reputation and consistently meet my clients’ needs throughout the last 27 years in business!

Is the session confidential?

Yes, each session is held in strict confidence, in accordance with the law. I will take written notes during the session to be stored in a confidential file. If the client is interested in having a copy of the notes they will gladly be furnish upon request. If it’s not supportive of the healing process to store the notes they will be destroyed. Shredding of the notes may help the concerned client feel safe and help with the healing process.

Is the session recorded?

The client is welcome to bring their own recording device. Each session is dedicated to moving through the challenges and breaking free from the self-defeating beliefs and moving through the blocked energy in body, mind and spirit. It’s not desirable or affirming to listen to that process again and again. Approaching the conclusion of the session, the new awareness that’s gained becomes positively reinforced. Therefore, newly defined, supportive beliefs and feelings are instilled in the subconscious mind.

Do I conduct sessions for 2 or more people at a time?

In my one-on-one sessions, it’s not beneficial to work in a group setting due to the personal nature and profound meaning each hypnotherapy session creates. Administering sessions for more than one individual at a time does not meet the core need of each participant. However, I regularly conduct larger public speaking events for groups, utilizing a different approach effective for groups.

May the client bring a friend, witness or loved one to sit in on the session?

Yes, only if the client prefers, then a witness may be welcome in the session. Please understand that I’ll conduct an evaluation prior to the session, to ensure the person witnessing will bring a healthy presence in the room. It is important that the witness does not foster a co-dependent relationship with the client. Ultimately, the witness may bring comfort and be a welcomed asset to the healing process. The witness may help the client feel more willing to relax, becoming open, receptive and authentic in the communication thus, receiving the greatest benefit in their healing process. If a witness or loved one attends the session it is common for them to say…”Yes you were hypnotized, you should have seen yourself! You were definitely in a trance and it was amazing to see you get benefit like that,” Then the patient may look back at their loved one in amazement.