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Experience Freedom from Self-Defeating Beliefs
by Getting to the Heart of the Matter

The subconscious mind controls our emotions, our self-esteem, our beliefs, our actions, our immune systems, and our bodies. It is filled with incredible mysteries and phenomenal powers. Hypnosis is the primary method used to effectively contact the subconscious mind. Harnessing and directing the full, positive power of your mind, is what Mary Kacaba's expertise, will help you experience!

Mary Kacaba specializes in Alchemical Hypnotherapy. This modality differs, effectively, from other hypnosis technologies in its synthesis of psychological and spiritual perspectives. This important difference is proven to facilitate more authentic, desirable long-term results. With 23 years of experience as a Certified Clinical Hynotherapist and an Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Mary, skillfully uses hypnosis to facilitate a client's personal journey. This personal journey into your inner world accesses a "resource center of guidance" within. Mary calls her business, Resources Within, and specializes in evoking, and/or guiding you to discover Your Resources Within!! Mary expresses her innate gift of helping you feel safe, while facilitating you through the hypnotic process, in "attending to" your missing peace.

Your subconscious mind is the control center deep within your brain that directs everything you do, like the software in your computer. It doesn't think or evaluate; that is the job of your conscious mind. As your conscious mind stands guard, it will allow only what it wants to happen, like the input from your keyboard. Hence, if you wish to change behavior or thought patterns and therefore enhance the results which show up in your actions and bodily functions, we must "relax" the conscious mind and talk directly to the subconscious mind. Utilizing the subconscious mind you can be gently guided to restore health, happiness, meaningful relationships, prosperity, and the fulfillment of your purpose!

Hypnosis, therefore, has been referred to as a "trance-like state." Each of us naturally goes through this state, at least twice daily as we go to sleep, and as we awaken.

Modern hypnotherapy protocols have shown that a "light-trance" state is preferable to a "deep-trance" when dealing with therapeutic issues. While you are in this light-trance, you are more suggestible and willing to accept new information, without the "sentinel conscious mind" checking/blocking all incoming communications.

Mary can then make positive suggestions, which you will store in your mind, basically reprogramming it to accept or reject certain beliefs or patterns of behavior. The desire of the subconscious is so strong that it will always override a conscious desire. Therefore accessing your subconscious mind in hynosis, will address the cause and the cure of any discord. You will not do anything under hypnosis that your moral code or spiritual awareness will not allow. Therefore, hypnosis will help you get to the Heart of the Matter.

The interaction of Mind/Body can be demonstrated when, during a hypnotic trance, breathing, heart rate, and metabolism can be slowed, allergic reactions stopped, and pain reduced. Every thought you have shows itself as some physical change in the body and emotions. This is why physical or emotional problems can leave such pronounced mental scars. Once these mental scars are transformed, freeing the body of pain and disease, losing weight, healing relationships, experiencing forgiveness, and overcoming addictions, are natural occurences.

Do you believe the power exists within you to live your dreams, and heal your body and mind? If so, you may be ready for hypnotherapy with Mary Kacaba.

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