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Quit Smoking

Most smokers suffer from a virtually uncontrollable urge to smoke, despite a desire to quit.  Most of my clients have tried numerous tactics, repeatedly, and unsuccessfully, to become non-smokers.  Mary’s approach with hypnotherapy is different because she can help you to connect with your future non-smoking self.  Through hypnosis, the wisdom in your sub-conscious mind will reveal a new healthy ritual that will provide you with a similar experience of soothing comfort.  In this way you will re-learn how to meet your core needs in a way that is joyful and beneficial, rather than harmful to your health.  In the past 6 months alone Mary has saved my clients over $78,600 in un-smoked cigarettes.  Are you ready to experience the same freedom?

After 17 years in business, each passing year, Mary increases her effectiveness in helping her clients become non-smokers. Recently, 43 clients which Mary has helped become non-smokers, are still smoke-free, 6 months after their hypnotherapy session.

Here are Mary's latest statistics:

83% of Mary's clients quit smoking as a result of 1 session.
8% of Mary's clients quit smoking in the 2nd session.
74% of Mary's clients are still non-smokers, 6 months after experiencing hypnotherapy.

Mary saw 51 clients for hypnotherapy to quit smoking. She followed up with them days after their session and again 6 months after their quitting smoking session and:

43 clients were still smoke-free
x $10 per day (2 packs of cigarettes @ $5 per pack)
= $1,830. $avings each client realized in 6 months.
Collectively clients $aved a total of $78,600.

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