Resources Within Mary Kacaba, CCHT, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist    

Motivation & Creativity

Usually at the root of motivation and creativity is the core belief “I can do it.”  Through hypnosis, Mary helps you to assess whether this belief is present and operating in your life, and if not, how to resurrect it.  If you’re not motivated to start or complete a task, pursue a project or express a desired outcome in your life, you may not be connected to your own self-worth. You also may not be able to see the desired outcome as a true possibility for yourself.  If you feel uninspired or lack creativity, it can mean that you have not been willing to express yourself freely in some area of your life.  Hypnosis can help you embrace your strengths; strengthen your weaknesses; and propel you forward by helping you to resolve these types of inner roadblocks.

Self-confidence is the difference between feeling unstoppable and feeling scared out of your wits. Doubting yourself is no fun. Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact in your life. Others perceive you, too, and giving off a good vibe is helpful in creating what you want.

Many of the factors affecting self confidence are in your control. You can dress well, hold your posture just so, and with hypnotherapy you can “inquire within”! An inner inquiry facilitates getting in touch with your genuine sense of goodness and self-worth, and then life becomes more fulfilling.  Hypnotherapy helps you tame any fear and fuels your desire to share your gifts and talents. Feeling true self-love and having gratitude for life are part of what Mary can help you realize!

Much like reprogramming a computer system, Mary can help you reprogram your beliefs to experience motivation and creativity.

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