Resources Within Mary Kacaba, CCHT, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist    

Letting Go With Ease

So many situations in our society encourage us to “HOLD ON TIGHTLY” to what we have. Concern about not “having enough” or even feeling like “you are not enough” can cause you to hoard and be in denial of the reality of what exists around you.  Maybe you’re not managing money effectively, need to let go of a relationship that isn’t serving you, need help moving through the natural process of grieving over a loved one that has passed away.

When you are unable to healthfully move forward from these situations, you may feel stifled, begin stock-piling “stuff” for future use, or have a “save it for a rainy day” limiting belief system, all of which can create an energetic heaviness inside of you.  Fear, illness, depression, and anxiety may also be present if your difficulty letting go is too the extreme.  

Whatever the challenge, Mary can help you to let go and experience your goodness.

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