Resources Within Mary Kacaba, CCHT, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist    


Do you live in a messy environment that you feel powerless to get under control? Hypnosis is able to assist you in organizing and pleasurably dealing with your cluttered thoughts, feelings and physical belongings. Your outer environment is usually a reflection of your “inner environment.” Mary can help you to clear trauma and/or any events from the past or present that are at the root cause of your disorganization. You may have been criticized by your parents for being “a slob” or you may have been compared to another sibling, etc., resulting in resistance and other subconscious behaviors that get in the way of maintaining order and peace in your life. Help is on the way! Mary has personal experience with this challenge and will guide you through your own transformation, where you can easily maintain an orderly and clutter-free personal space.

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