Resources Within Mary Kacaba, CCHT, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist    

Athletic/Peak Performance

Thousands of Olympic athletes, performing artists, salesmen, and business executives have used hypnosis (often called guided imagery) to increase their performance.  As her client, Mary can guide you to visualize every muscle of your body achieving your goal through a mental rehearsal of every step of your performance.

You will learn how to easily access “the zone,” that state which sportsmen, salesmen, and others define as effortlessly moving in total alignment with the ideal level of performance. By helping you to access the enormous powers of the subconscious mind, Mary is also able to assist in resolving emotional blocks and negative core beliefs that might be causing you to sabotage your own success.  By augmenting the desire to reach your goals and discovering or strengthening the meaning of your quest for achievement, your performance can be increased to the level you desire, without falling into self criticism or despair when things don’t go as you had hoped.

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